H.i Decor Design

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Our unique approach revolves around crafting interiors that seamlessly blend functionality, comfort, and individual expression.

We strive to create spaces that exude luxury and livability, resulting in a home that feels refined yet serene. With our extensive knowledge of materials, fabrics, and finishes, we are well-equipped to provide invaluable guidance as you navigate through your choices.
  • Space Planning: Efficiently organizing and utilizing the available space to optimizeits functionality and flow.
  • Concept Development: Creating a unique design concept that aligns with the client’s preferences, lifestyle, and objectives.
  • Color and Material Selection: Advising on suitable color palettes 
and material choices that enhance the ambiance of the space.
  • Furniture and Fixture Selection: Assisting in choosing furniture, lighting fixtures, and other decorative elements that complement
 the design concept.
  • Custom Design: Designing bespoke pieces like built-in cabinets, shelving, and furniture to fit the specific requirements of the space.
  • 3D Visualization: Providing realistic visualizations of the proposed 
designs to help clients envision the final outcome.
  • Budget Management: Working within the client’s budget constraints while sourcing quality products and materials.
  • Project Coordination: Overseeing the implementation of the design plan, collaborating with contractors, vendors, and craftsmen.
  • Consultations and Recommendations: Offering professional advice
 and recommendations on various aspects of interior design.